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Have questions about the event, our store, or something else?  Check out our FAQs below! 

If you don't find the answer to your question here, you can always reach out to us via the "Contact Us" page as well.

Event FAQs

Why should I register for the event?

We encourage you to register and be part of the RRR Team. It’s a way to show camaraderie with other patients and to show your support of Dr. Rowe and the work that he and his team do.  All of the money raised goes to Dr. Rowe and his team to support the clinic and their research.


We also encourage you to try fundraising—and suggest a minimum goal of $100. However, there is no penalty if you do not raise the suggested minimum amount – every dollar raised is one more that goes towards Dr. Rowe’s work and research!

Where is the event?

This year’s event is VIRTUAL.  However, if you live in Central Pennsylvania we’d love to meet up with you on October 16th at 2 PM at the Pennsylvania Military Museum. 


Regardless of how you participate, be sure to send your selfies and other photos to or tag us using @rowesresearchrunners on social media!

How far do I have to walk/run/roll?

Traditionally, our event is a one mile walk/run/roll. However, we recognize the varying degrees of disability within our community and it's just fine if you wear your shirt and take a selfie from bed! Walk/run/roll a little, a lot, or stay stationary - we encourage you to participate in whatever way works best for you.

How do I register?

Click on the REGISTER button on the homepage of our new website. It will take you to GiveSignUp, where you can register for the event.

What’s the best way to get people to donate to me?

YOUR STORY! Share your story with friends and family. Post on social media or use email and texting. People give because they know you and love you and want to support you. Remember to use a photo of yourself too.

Some suggestions about things to share:

  • How long have you been sick?

  • What illnesses do you have?

  • How has your illness(es) affected your life?

  • How has Dr. Rowe helped you?

  • What do you love about Dr. Rowe?

  • Why do you want to give back to Dr. Rowe?

How much is registration?

Registration is $15 and does not include a shirt this year. Once you register, please wait for your FREE shipping code to arrive in your email, then head on over to our merch store to get your event shirt. Note: items will ship in late September, in time for the event.

Store/Merchandise FAQs

How do I get FREE shipping on merchandise?

You can earn free shipping two ways:

  • Register for the event and you will get an email with a Free Shipping code. Get free shipping on your event shirt and any other items you want.

  • You will automatically get free shipping on orders of $75 or more whether or not you register for the event.

How much from the sale of the merchandise goes to Dr. Rowe and his team?

Five dollars from the sale of EVERY item (no matter the price) goes to Dr. Rowe’s research.

When will I get my order?

Orders will ship in late September, in time for the event.

Miscellaneous FAQs

Why do things look so different this year?

Emily’s health and the health of our volunteers remain our top priority, while doing the work that we do. Emily’s health has unfortunately worsened, as has that of some of the volunteers. We want to make sure that RRR can continue in a sustainable way. This is why our merchandise is not being sold through a separate vendor and why the event is virtual again this year. In addition, Hopkins Children’s has switched to a new fundraising platform, so you’ll see that GiveSignUp (where you register for the event) is different from the platform we've used in previous years. On a positive note, we are also thrilled to have our new website as a landing page for all things RRR - make sure to check out all of the different information on the various site pages!

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