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Welcome to Rowe's Research Runners!

Walk, Run, Roll

Eighth Annual Event
October 13, 2024

Virtual / Pennsylvania Military Museum @ 2PM

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"Let's Face It" by Emily

Walk, Run, Roll

About the Event
CFS, Dysautonomia & Long COVID

At the RRR Walk, Run, Roll, you make your way around the grounds of the Pennsylvania Military Museum, or virtually at home in whatever way you are able. All ages and abilities welcome. All money raised by Rowe’s Research Runners directly supports Dr. Peter Rowe’s research at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Related Disorders Clinic. 

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) symptoms include post-exertional malaise, unrefreshing sleep, concentration problems, and muscle pain. Dysautonomia means dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system. Symptoms are wide ranging and can include problems with the regulation of heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and perspiration. Long COVID refers to symptoms that last more than four weeks after initial infection, with many resembling symptoms of CFS.

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Who is Dr. Rowe?

Dr. Rowe is a world-renowned doctor in treating CFS, dysautonomia, and related illnesses. His groundbreaking research, beginning with his study identifying a subset of chronic fatigue patients who also had dysautonomia, led to him receiving 5,000 calls in one week. He is one of only a handful of specialists in our country and is now treating long COVID patients as well as his ME/CFS patients.

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About RRR

About RRR

The mission of RRR is to fundraise, increase awareness, and facilitate connections for people with myalgicencephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), dysautonomia, and related illnesses, now including long COVID.

Rowe’s Research Runners evolved from Emily Steffensmeier’s desire to give back to the doctor who helped her go from bedridden and homebound to enjoying a fuller life. Emily began by raising money each year for her birthday, and in 2017 worked with Johns Hopkins Children’s Center to create Rowe’s Research Runners as a way to expand the reach of her mission.

Emily’s 24 years of living with CFS and dysautonomia, her experience with Dr. Rowe as her physician, and her connection to people around the world with these illnesses drives her to use her story as a catalyst to create change. 


Dr. Rowe has been an incredible doctor and advocate for thousands of ME/CFS patients and their families. Supporting his research means helping to better the lives of anyone struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome, dysautonomia, long COVID, and related illnesses. 


Platinum ($1000)

Evolvinn Therapy

Gold ($500)

Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc.

Silver ($250)

Pelvic Shanti

Lewis Family Health

Life Strength Physical Therapy

Bronze ($100)

KLR Landscaping
Christopher Laseter, DO

Friends (<$99)

Dr. Stephen Fishbaine, DDS


King Printing


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